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Susan Dunbar injects fun...always

No matter what your project, business or group Susan Dunbar injects a whole sense of fun that is both inspirational and effective.  Susan Dunbar analyses your services and helps you make it blossom and grow - like a developing traditional piece of highly skilled art.  (Art by the way which we can help you really excel at!)

Susan is not on her own

Falda and Lithy are both at hand to help make you work better than ever before.


Mafalda Morley

"Our ethics and health guru"

On the run in Scotland

Motto: "keep it simple..."


Lithy Morley

"Our sustainability expert"

The environment is all about

Motto: "What do the goats say...?"

What to do now?

Contact us straight away so we can help you grow, in a happy, healthy sustainable way.